Spyera App Reviews – Powerful Cell Spy Application


The Spyera app claims to be the best selling SPY Phone software! That has everything you need to reveal the truth and lies. The app itself is well put together has a whole list of features and works great for Cell Phones and Tablets.


This particular software works on Android phones & Tablets, IOS phones and iPads, Blackberry’s, & Symbian Devices.

What I like about it is that Spyera has its very own password cracker that you can buy separately for the particular target device.

This can really help if you just want something simple to be able crack the code and monitor their phone if you don’t want to do it remotely.

Spyera App Full list of features

– Live Call Listening

– Live Call Recording

– Spy on IM Chats

– Track SMS Messages

– Location Tracking

– Track Emails

– Record VoIP Calls

– Spy on Camera

– Spy on App Activities

– Ambient Listening

– Multimedia Files

The features are quite really quite advanced with live call listening and recording. If you need an app that is capable of live call listening and recording SPYEra is for you however if you need even further capabilities like live call intercepting and a few additional advanced features and functions like that I suggest you checking out this Flexispy Review.

Getting back to Spyera now as you can see the features are quite great it comes ready to start tracking, Facebook Whats App, BBM, PIN, Skype, LINE, Viber, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram and iMessage – allowing you to read all messages including the stickers, status, profiles, pictures, locations & even emoticons.

SpyERA Reviews

The reviews of people using the app Spyera are no surprise that everyone who seems to use Spyera is a happy customer. Well almost everyone. While most were saying positive things like how easy it is to use, like how they love how everything is all in one place and the reporting feature are all things that make up a great cell spy application but a very small minority of the Spyera app reviews is actually saying how they were concerned that the app is too expensive and overpriced and the other thing was that they experienced difficulties installing on IOS devices as the device has to be jail broken in order for it to be used.


Spyera have literally thought of everything. When I was reviewing this application I was wrong to think that it is just another Cell spying application. It certainly has more than you will need with capabilities and when the software was tested on i Phones & androids it worked like a charm the only thing that I must note is that some users going by some spyera app reviews out there are saying that the app is a bit expensive and going by the price and how it compares to other apps like Flexispy I must advise to go with an APP like Flexispy extreme or Flexispy premium in order to get the most out of your money.

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